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Jul 14

SDCC ’12: Necomimi – The Coolest Motorized Cat Ears Ever

There are times in our lives when something so adorable, so ingenious comes along that you cannot resist wanting it. Necomimi is one of those things.

Jun 08

‘Mortal Kombat Rebirth’ Trailer: Reboot Film or Video Game?

Watch this trailer. I dare you not to be excited. And, thanks to Twitter, we finally know whether this is for a game or movie…

May 29

‘The King of Kong’ pushes the right buttons

Kingofkong1_240 I spent many of my formative years — like much of G4’s viewership, I suspect — pumping quarters into arcade games. Everything from Space Invaders and Pac-Man to Heavy Barrel, Cyberball, Dragon’s Lair… Oh, and Donkey Kong, whether it was the greasy machine at a local pizza place or the knock-off Crazy Kong in my dentist’s office. There were days I longed for a way to spend the rest of my life playing those games.

Apr 28

What I Love This Week: Grand Theft Auto IV

Gta4_240 This is a good geek week to love.