Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Update: Seth MacFarlane To Match Next $1,000,000 Raised

seth macfalane - reading rainbowFirst he resurrects COSMOS, now Seth MacFarlane wants to help kids read.

It was announced today by world treasure and retired Star Fleet officer LeVar Burton that the FAMILY GUY creator, in an effort to help push the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter above and beyond its stretch goal of $5million, will match every dollar raised between now and the July 2nd end of the campaign up to $1million.

This is a huge deal as pointed out by the update:

  • If we can reach our $5M stretch goal in the next five days, we’ll meet our goals of bringing Reading Rainbow to more platforms and 7,500 classrooms.
  • AND that means that Seth will provide a full $1,000,000 in matching funds, taking us a total of $6,000,000, and letting us reach 5,000 MORE CLASSROOMS!
  • That means that if we raise the remaining million, we won’t just get 7,500 classrooms… we’ll get more than 12,500 CLASSROOMS!

If you’ve already donated, you can add-on and it’ll still get matched. If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to throw in a few bucks. I mean, c’mon, it’s for the kids.

My first reaction when seeing the news on The Mary Sue. True story.

My first reaction when seeing the news on The Mary Sue. True story.

And…you know…I kinda really need this to happen. When the Kickstarter broke it’s first goal of $1million in 11 freaking hours with over 30,000 backers, I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary. Such an outpouring of goodwill from so many people, it reminds me that no matter how loud the bad is through the internet static, no matter how dark things can seem, there’s always light and the light always breaks through.

So make it happen, people. As Mallory Ortberg so eloquently and rightly points out, “frankly he deserves it more than we do.”

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