First Trailer for NBC’s ‘Constantine’ Hits The Web

As the dust clears on a flurry of pilot pickups, trailers for the lucky shows to get a greenlight begin to emerge. Today NBC released our first look at CONSTANTINE, one of three DC Comics-based TV shows that will debut in the fall.

My first thought is I noticed that, in the most general of terms, it reminds me of the Keanu Reeves film of the same name. The basic plot is the same – Constantine (played by Matt Ryan, THE TUDORS, CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR) is compelled to help a woman with supernatural insight and is pulled into a greater fight against Evil. Lucy Griffiths, who plays Liv, even bears some resemblance to Rachel Weisz. The approach to the plot is much different, of course, but I’m curious how people are going to react since the film got what I think was a lot of undue crap.

Some of the discontent was Reeves not looking much like his comic counterpart. That is definitely not a problem for Ryan, who’s also got the “proper” accent so those grumpy comic fans have one less thing to grouse about. I think he was a really good casting choice and seems very well-suited for the part from the footage.

Overall, the trailer piqued my interest though there is something about it that feels…disjointed to me. I’m most intrigued by Harold Perrineau who plays Manny, an angel assigned to Constantine who can possess people. And the fx looks solid – seems to be a very good mix of practical and visual.

The next time we’ll see anything from CONSTANTINE will likely be San Diego Comic Con (where they’ll probably premiere the pilot). But until then, what do you think? Are you excited? Disappointed? Being patient? Any other Vertigo comics you’d love to see adapted into a series?

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