Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ Gets A Graphic Novel Prequel



It was announced today that the American remake of the South Korean classic OLDBOY has an accompanying graphic novel called “The Devil’s Eyes.” Available on the film’s official tumblr for free (Huzzah!), the first part is already up.

Entitled “The Rat,” we meet a man named Chaney (the same name as Samuel L. Jackson’s character) who has a particular set of skills who finds himself in an less than ideal circumstance that quickly gets worse. It’s also worth noting that the story starts two years prior to the film’s precipitating event.

I’m curious to see how this plays out since prequel comics aren’t something Spike Lee Joints are usually associated with. Also, as a movie that’s very much dependent on mystery and conspiracy, it’ll be interesting to see how it will fit in with the bigger picture and whether it’ll detract or add to the film.

No word on the release schedule of the remaining parts, or how many there are really, but I’d say check back every few days.


OLDBOY, starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, and Sharlto Copley, hits theaters November 27, 2013

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