Misfits of Scifi Presents: Talking Ep1 – Can DC Comics Match Marvel’s Movies?

As we’re on the cusp of the big screen debut of Marvel’s supreme super-team ‘The Avengers’, as excited as I am for it (and as much as I enjoyed it – I’ll be reviewing it later), all it really does is make me long for a Justice League adaptation. But DC has had big issues with their live-action takes – can we ever get there? Stephen Prescott from A Madman with a Box (@madmanboxpod and @modernboy1974 joins me as we try to pinpoint what’s wrong, what’s right, and try but fail to keep the language family friendly.

Warning: There are bad words.

[Ed. Note: Recorded originally in March, 2012 – massive technical difficulties severely delayed being able to post it. In other words, it’s a bit wonky in the sound quality but I swear it won’t be next time.]

MoS Presents: Talking Ep. 1 (Download)

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