Cartoon Network Saturday Morning Preview: ‘ThunderCats’ & DC Nation

Gird your loins for eight clips and a plethora of preview pics from the onslaught of awesome that is Cartoon Network’s Saturday morning cartoon block!

‘Super Best Friends Forever’ is back (Yay!) while ‘Animal Man’ makes his debut in the DC Nation Shorts, it’s a blast from Robin’s past on ‘Young Justice’, Hal and company try to help a planet about to be smashed by an asteroid on ‘Green Lantern:TAS’, and Lion-O continues his trials on ‘ThunderCats’. That’s a whole lot of business.

Whet your whistle with a sneak peek at all the action via this photo gallery and the clips below.

‘ThunderCats’ airs at Saturday 9:30am E/P, “DC Nation” starts at 10am E/P and contains ‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’, the Shorts, and ‘Young Justice’ at 10:30am E/P on Cartoon Network.

‘DC Nation Shorts’

‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’

‘Young Justice’


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