First Look: ‘The Aquabats Super Show!’ *UPDATED*

First official look at the animated Aquabats

Christian Jacobs, creator of  ‘Yo Gabba Gabba!’, is giving us a tremendous gift of ‘The Aquabats Super Show!’ which features the eponymous band as superheroes fighting various villains and saving the world with music while imparting some life lessons to the kids along the way. It’s like their live shows but on a whole different level. The series also features two different animated sequences – serialized, anime-inspired adventures of the band and stand-alone shorts featuring the bat often appears in their logo.


Based on the four clips I saw, I can confidently tell you that the show will be just as fun and enjoyable for the parents as it will be for their children. It totally took me back to being a kid and waking up at 6am to watch cartoons all morning (now I just DVR them).  It’s got flavors of 60s ‘Batman’, ‘The Super-Friends’, ‘The Monkees’, Syd & Marty Kroft, old school anime (like ‘Battle Of The Planets), and Looney Tunes among others. And while it’s got a familiar vibe, it’s 100% original – a feat that’s rarely accomplished.

To get a taste of the awesomeness that lies ahead, take a look at an ad  for the show and some promo photos.

‘The Aquabats Super Show!’ premieres on The Hub in March 2012

[Ed. note – I corrected the series credits and replaced the video which is not the opening to the current series.  Apologies.]

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