Misfits Guide To Last Minute Holiday Shopping

You swore you weren’t going to do it again this year, this time you’d get all your holiday shopping done early. But yet you find yourself lacking some gifts and panicking. Never fear! Here are some fantastic ideas for you to give meaningful gifts to those special nerds in your life without having to venture into a mall or Target or pay for overnight shipping.

Now you may have heard some of these suggestions before – if that’s the case then feel free to use them as a spark of inspiration!

Your Local Comic Shop
Especially handy if you have multiple nerds to shop for, the local comic shop has many options for the last minute shopper – in addition to comics and collected editions/graphic novels, you can usually find anime, dvds/blu-rays, toys, statue, apparel and accessories, trading card games, and role=playing games all under one roof. They may even have gift cards (which we’ll get into more in a moment). I’ve also been to shops that sell video games AND classic consoles.

The great thing about graphic novels is that there’s a little something for everyone, even people who don’t normally read comics. For fans of Urban Fantasy or related genres, titles like ‘Fables’, ‘Locke & Key’, ‘Sandman’, ‘Books of Magic’, ‘The Unwritten’, and ‘American Vampire’ would be very appealing. Is that special someone a movie junkie but completely oblivious to the comic world? Blow their mind with a copy of ‘A History of Violence’, ‘Road to Perdition’, or ‘From Hell’ and pair it with an unknown but similarly flavored book like ‘Daytripper’, ‘Criminal’, or ‘100 Bullets’. As for the kids, there’s a lot of options for them like the gorgeous Skottie Young illustrated ‘OZ’ books, ‘Leave It To Chance’ (especially great for adventurous girls), ‘Bone’ (which skews a little older, like 4th grade and up), the Calvin & Hobbes-esque ‘Franklin Richards: Son of A Genius’ series, and ‘Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures In The 8th Grade’. The best part is you can ask the person who works there for suggestions based on your gift-receivers tastes. Totally handy and easy.

Order Online, Pick Up In The Store
While I know going into a store right now would be super-painful, if there’s something you absolutely, positively have to get today, a whole lot of store offer pick up services. You’d probably still have to wait in line but at least you wouldn’t have to brave walking through the aisles. Big places like Best Buy, GameStop, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Fry’s all offer the option to pay for/reserve an item from the comfort of your home.

Gift Certificates
I know, I know. Gift cards aren’t the most glamorous option but there’s a way of making them cooler and more personalized. Take, for instance, Thwipster – a geek-centric site that offers different daily deals on graphic novels, busts, toys, and other such fun-ery. Online comic shop Things From Another World is a great option for those who don’t live anywhere near a store, plus they have non-comic merchandise. There is, of course, Think Geek which offers everything from Star Trek robes to Han Solo in Carbonite ice trays to a variety of caffeinated treats.¬† If we’re talking real personalized, Web Undies has all kinds of branded undergarments and “loungewear” for your significant other or friend that you know really well.¬† Journey’s has some awesome DC Comics-themed Converse¬† that run $40-$60. How cool would you be for contributing to buying something so fly? Or you could buy them outright and…

Buy Now, Give Later
It’s great to have everything to open on one day but there’s nothing like getting a few post “Big Day” presents. So relax and get whatever you were going to get them anyway. (Especially if it’s a piece from the DC Comics/Noir Jewlery collection…preeeeeeeetty…)

Know any secret shopping nooks or great deals? Share your tips! And don’t forget to breathe when some crazed shopper tries to steal your cart…

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