‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Suit Reminds Me of the Future

As soon as I saw the duds Andrew Garfield is sporting as our new Spidey, I couldn’t help but think they looked familiar. Let me show you why.

Remember the 90s? Remember how Marvel took a stab at exploring the far-flung future exploits of new heroes with the same name as the current/old guard? Well then you’re sure to remember ‘Spider-Man 2099’ and its animated-but-Peter-Parker-centered cousin ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’.  And if you don’t remember them, perhaps you’ve played the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions which features several alt-Spideys including Miguel O’Hara of 2099.

It seems that the costume designers on The Amazing Spider-Man took some inspiration from this particular iteration of Peter Parker’s web-slinging suit. Behold these examples and judge for yourself:

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