Ode to Olivia Munn

Olivia_240 All of you that read this blog on a regular schedule know of my affinity for a certain host of Attack of the Show on G4TV, but for those of you new to the game, let’s just say my affection for a certain Olivia Munn runs deep. So deep, in fact, that when I heard G4 was planning a special edition of AOTS in her honor, I felt the need to celebrate in the only way I knew how: by ripping off one William Shakespeare.

Sure, you might have assumed my tribute would take the form of some Halo-inspired cosplay, but I instead chose to honor via The Bard himself, as a way to both fully honor my favorite host as a a way to fully honor that fact that my folks paid for me to be an English major. If you need the inspiration, go here, but in any case, here goes my personal tribute to Olivia Munn.

All other hosts are nothing like the Munn;
My eyes are transfixed whilest she is on;
She shows the way to all things fun;
Takes me Around the Net, shows me Gadget PrOn.

Olivia’s Rack I do keenly watch
Her magazine reviews, of course, I mean by that
Though lines like that I often do botch
She could Filter such nonsense at the drop of a hat.

Pereira fares well, his wit doth appease
Kevin should not look upon this ode askance
But answer me, dear reader, if you so kindly please
Which of these two would you rather In Your Pants?

If there’s just one thing upon you I could prevail
Please don’t give this poem an Epic Fail.

There you have it, my tribute to Olivia. Attack away, Ms. Munn. Attack away.

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