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With the official announcement of an Avengers movie in 2011, I thought I’d jump ahead and ruminate on who could be cast in the big screen adaption of Marvel’s biggest non-mutant superteam.

Iron Man
Robert Downey, Jr. is Tony Stark. Period. Anyone who doesn’t think so is clearly insane.

Captain America
This one’s hard to cast because you need someone with a strong jawline and the ability to be "old fashioned" without being corny. Someone with natural charisma and a winning smile yet able to be intimidating. Short of getting and unknown, it took me awhile to think of someone who would work in my head – everyone was almost there, but still not quite – until I saw a commercial for Grey’s Anatomy. No, not Patrick Dempsey. I was thinking Eric Dane. Now, before you boo him, he has put up some solid work in the past and definitely has an old-school movie star quality about him. He’d have to get rid of the beard and go a little Blonde, but I think he could pull it off.

The God of Thunder is also hard to cast. At first I was thinking wrestler and Blade Trinity co-star Triple H but quasi-Shakespearean speech is hard to pull off. Plus I think he’s just a little too buff. Then Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (New Amsterdam) popped into my head. He can already do great accents, just beef him up a little and Blonde up his hair and I’m sure he’ll do the part justice.

Dr. Henry Pym is a genius who, among other things, figured out a formula to alter a person’s size and give them additional powers. He also has an inferiority complex and becomes mentally unstable (which won’t really come into play until the second movie). Who better to play someone on the verge of going scarily off his rocker than Peter Sarsgaard (Flight Plan, Year of the Dog)? Peter has the ability to play perfectly likable characters as well as those who you wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with – sounds like a match to me.

Socialite and scientist’s daughter Janet van Dyne was working as a lab assistant with Pym and her father. When her dad died, she had Henry give her some Pym Particles and an extra zap of experimental energy to give her powers and avenge her dad. Fashionable, perceptive and a bit tough, I’d like either Ashley Scott (Birds of Prey, Jericho) or Emmanuelle Vaugier (CSI:NY, Painkiller Jane – the TV movie, not the series) to play her. Plus both actresses can play "wounded" – a necessary trait when Pym finally looses it.

Black Widow
A super-spy who hails from Russia, Natasha Romanoff also reaps the benefits of having taken the same Super Soldier serum Captain America took. She’s sexy, deadly and intelligent. With turns in Casino Royale and as Casey’s long lost double agent girlfriend on Chuck, Ivana Milicevic already has the accumulated experience to play the part. Plus she can do a killer accent.

Though Clint Barton has no actual meta-human powers, he is highly skilled in combat, acrobatics, tactics and weaponry. He’s also a bit of a smart-ass. In order to play the part right, we need someone who can be cavalier with a touch of menace and a whole lot of fight. Two people come to mind: Christian Kane (Angel) or Jensen Ackles (Supernatural). Also, I really want to see them in the costume.

The Hulk
Originally, the Avengers come together to capture a rampaging Hulk and I don’t suspect that will change. The Incredible Hulk hasn’t come out yet but it seems Marvel wants to keep continuity between all their films (Are you taking notes Warner Bros.?) so I’m sticking with Edward Norton. Besides, he seems to work as Bruce Banner in all the commercials.

Nick Fury
Years ago when Marvel launched the Ultimate Universe version of Fury, Samuel L. Jackson gave them permission to use his likeness for the character. One of the smartest moves ever and a perfectly sensible decision since they’re both bad-asses. Let it ride.

Yes, the Hulk was running amok but who’s fault was that? Blame the Norse Trickster himself. See, Loki likes to cause trouble. Partly because it amuses him but mainly because he wants to destroy his half brother Thor. This may seem like a weird choice but bear with me. Steve Carell (The Office, The 40 Year Old Virgin) would be perfect. I figure Loki, being smart, would disguise himself as someone perfectly affable while on Earth to escape detection. And there’s something about Carell that makes me think he can be really scary if the occasion called for it.

Bonus: Upon Loki’s defeat, I’d have Liam Neeson pop up as Odin to take his butt back to Asgard.

So I took my crack at it – what say you? Agree? Disagree? Think I’ve lost my mind on some of them? Share, my friends, share!

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