What I Love This Week: Grand Theft Auto IV

Gta4_240 This is a good geek week to love: Not only does Iron Man finally make it to theaters on Friday, but the video game Grand Theft Auto IV will be released at midnight tonight. Debate its affect on teens as you will; we Misfits are all adults, and I get the same pleasure out of the GTA series as I would any other adult product.

Sadly, we were unable to get an advance copy of the game. What’s a Misfit to do? Turn to one of our new favorite shows, X-Play. Yeah, I’m late on the X-Play bandwagon, though its praises are sung by Misfit Ryan and my friends still in the gaming biz. Adam and Morgan are a fun duo, though, so it’s a pleasure to watch them tear up the streets of Liberty City:

That’s 10 minutes of goodness right there, but when you’re done watching, check out the police chase:

And finally, our intrepid heroes get away:

Psyched yet? So am I. Okay, maybe not enough to stand in line until midnight at my local Gamestop — I’m a couple of years beyond college for that — but definitely enough to clear my social calendar for the next week.

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